Are you looking to enhance your backyard or patio area? Teak Furniture is an exceptional option as it is low maintenance and comes in different styles. You can maintain your teak furniture through food stains, dirt, bird droppings, and weathering. Properly maintained teak will last for a lifetime of outdoor entertaining and fun.


Sacramento Furniture Restoration’s program for residential teak furniture includes:

  • * Cleaning and Brightening
  • * Protective Coatings for new and restored furniture
  • * Repairs
  • * Variety of Finishes to match and enhance decor Click here for a color card
  • * Pick Up and Delivery with quick turnaround
  • * Ongoing Maintenance Program

Please visit our gallery to see examples of our work, and contact us to discuss your unique requirements.


Add class to your home by refinishing your valuable teak furniture. Like none other, furniture made from valuable teak wood emanates class and grace – but overtime, teak furniture tends to lose its shine and gets dull or damaged. At Sacramento Furniture Restoration, we offer the most professional refinishing services which restore the shine and inherent beauty of your teak furniture at the most affordable rates. Empowered with a team of highly skilled specialists who have decades of experience refinishing and restoring valuable wooden furniture, Sacramento Furniture Restoration offers an unparalleled experience and service to its residential clients. Refinish your teak furniture with the help of our professional staff who are driven by their love for valuable teak wood, and their motivation to satisfy you through exceptional services. At Sacramento Furniture Restoration, we believe in providing our customers with results which make them satisfied and happy.


Wooden furniture in commercial settings is more prone to damage due to frequent usage by dozens, if not hundreds, of people every day. To ensure that your office or hotel’s wooden furniture maintains a pristine condition, Sacramento Furniture Restoration offers the most comprehensive wooden furniture repairing services at the most reasonable rates. Whether it’s a broken teak wood chair or a chipped table surface, our specialists have just the right skill and ability to fix it. Driven by our passion to revamp damaged wooden furniture and make it just as good as new, our team settles for nothing short of perfection. If you are looking for a reliable company to repair wooden furniture, look no further. Sacramento Furniture Restoration offers you unmatched expertise and experience with guaranteed results at the most competitive and affordable rates. Call 916-309-4942 now to find out more about repair and restoration services for commercial clients.

Teak in marine environments requires consistent care to maintain its look and unique anti-skid properties. Sacramento Furniture Restoration offers repair and ongoing maintenance designed to keep your boat decks and swim platforms in top shape.

1 – Cleaning and Brightening

2 – Protection

3 – Sanding

4 – Repairs

Ongoing Maintenance Program

Please visit our gallery for examples of our work, and contact us to discuss your unique requirements.


Marine environments can have a devastating impact on your teak decks and surfaces – but with Our Furniture Restoration professional restoration and maintenance services, you can keep your boat deck in stellar condition. From extensive restoration services to regular, periodic maintenance, Sacramento Furniture Restoration offers a comprehensive solution to its clients at the most reasonable prices. Using the finest tools and high-quality materials, we offer the most comprehensive and effective boat teak restoration services.

Empowered with the finest, skilled specialists in the industry, we take pride in carrying out boat teak restoration services with utmost professional, dexterity, and perfection. Exposure of salty seawater and other elements of nature can cause devastating damage to your teak wood surfaces. With the help of the experts at Sacramento Furniture Restoration, you can revert damage of any magnitude and restore your boat teak back to its immaculate condition.


Decks made out of teak wood emanate class and beauty but with the lack of proper maintenance and care, these glorious decks can fall victim to decay and destruction. At Sacramento Furniture Restoration, you get access to the most professional and skilled specialists who can restore your teak wood deck back to its former glory. Protect your teak deck from destruction with the help our specialized restoration services.

Driven by our mission to offer exceptional restoration and maintenance services at reasonable rates, our team dedicate all their energies to offer you results that are beyond satisfactory. From cleaning and brightening to offering an ongoing maintenance program, Sacramento Furniture Restoration provides you a comprehensive solution in a cost-effective and reliable manner. Place your trust in the skilled hands of our specialists and ensure the longevity of your teak wood surfaces and decks. Call 916-309-4942 now to find out more about our teak deck restoration services.


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