How to Protect Your Teak Furniture with 3 Easy Tips

Teak wood has become the top choice in outdoor furniture due to its beauty and durability. People often fall in love with the honey golden color and modern style of teak furniture. However, the teak furniture will become rough and grey in color if not properly cared for. Below are 3 tips to help protect your teak furniture and ensure that the beauty and durability are maintained for a lifetime.

Understand the Weathering Process

It is important to know what to expect when exposing your teak furniture to the elements. After approximately nine months of exposure to rain and sunlight, your furniture may begin to form a silver-colored patina this is normal and part of the weathering process. After the first year, you may also notice small cracks in the wood and slightly rough areas or lifting of the grain along the edges of the furniture. This process is natural and in no way affects the durability or use of the furniture. That said, most people who purchase teak furniture do so because of the beautiful honey color and smooth texture and want to maintain it. It’s important to make sure you speak with a professional restorer, such as Sacramento Furniture Restoration, to ensure your furniture is being cared for and treated in the correct way, otherwise, you could end up damaging the furniture or simply not getting the results you desire.

Tip 1 – Store Your Furniture

Though it may seem ideal to leave your teak furniture outdoors all year long, it is better to store your furniture away from the elements if possible. Even the highest quality teak isn’t made to withstand the elements for a long duration. Storing your furniture will extend the wood’s natural shine in place and can slow down the color change. If storage is unavailable, furniture covers are designed to hold up against bad weather and should be strongly considered.

Tip 2 – Use Protectors, Not Oil

While it may seem wise to add a bit of oil to your furniture to maintain the shine and prevent cracks, it is best to avoid oiling your teak furniture or using oil-based products as too much of this can lead to discoloration and mold. To prevent cracks and maintain the natural shine, a thin layer of paste wax or Teak Protector may be applied. A protective sealer will enhance the grain and keep the natural shine in place with periodical cleaning. Using a professional restorer like Sacramento Furniture Restoration will put your mind at ease and ensure that you’re protecting your furniture the correct way.

Tip 3 – Clean it Properly

When cleaning your teak furniture, it is best to read the tag or information that came with your furniture for proper cleaning instructions. A quality teak furniture cleaner is the best choice when caring for your furniture however, a mix of mild soap and water with a scrub brush can also help to prevent a build-up of dirt and residue. Do not use vinegar or chemicals as it will harm the teak wood as will power washing. If you have any questions about what products you should be using on your teak furniture, contact us, we’re happy to help.

Teak furniture is considered a great investment, but can be costly. Therefore, it should be taken care of in a way that protects the beauty and durability for a lifetime.


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