Is Teak Worth the Investment?

When purchasing quality outdoor furniture, teak wood is the first to come to mind because of its beauty and durability. But it can come at a premium price.. That said, once you learn about the incredible characteristics and qualities of teak wood, you’ll find that the cost is well justified and the purchase considered a lifelong investment. Below are four reasons why teak furniture is worth the investment.


Weather Resistant


Teak wood has natural water-resistant qualities protecting itself from dry rot making it suitable for use in boats, decks and furniture. Teak wood locks the natural oils and rubber into the tight grains of the wood and absorbs the oils as a form of protection against heat, water, termites and other insects. This makes it safer to leave your furniture out all year long versus other types of wood being used in outdoor furniture. That said, your furniture will still require ongoing maintenance and it is recommended that you lightly sand and add a protector to your teak before long term exposure to the elements. Teak oil is generally not a good option as it can trap moisture in the wood, but specially designed teak protectors can boost the natural qualities of the wood. In order to ensure correct maintenance is provided, it is recommended you contact a professional restorer who has experience with teak furniture.


Long Lasting


Made from the center of the log known as the “heartwood,” this tropical wood is super durable, allowing it to last for years and years. Because of teak wood’s strength and longevity, it has become an extremely popular material used for boats, decks and outdoor furniture. The oils in teak wood help to prevent dry rot which is a common problem that damages other types of wood. Much of the outdoor furniture that is not made with teak wood will need to be completely replaced within a few years of purchase due to the material wearing out/deteriorating from the weather and insects. Teak wood, however, can be simply repaired and/or restored to its original beauty when performed by a qualified restoration professional, allowing you to keep the patio set you already love and saving you thousands of dollars over the years by not having to replace it entirely.


Easy Cleaning


Cleaning and properly protecting teak furniture is quick and easy and is generally only needed twice a year. A mix of mild soap and water with a scrub brush will clean off any built-up dust or grime. Power washing should be avoided but lightly hosing down the furniture is acceptable.




Over time, teak furniture can develop unwanted qualities, from a silver patina from exposure to sunlight to getting rough and forming crust to even growing mold. If you desire the beauty of weathered teak, we can refinish the teak but add a grey protectant to it which allows for the natural beauty to show through. Some desire the original natural honey-look of their teak piece. This can be achieved again by restoring the piece by hand with special restoration products. Restoring by hand is an intricate and long process and should be performed only be a trained professional. Having your piece restored may be an additional cost, however, it does not compare to the cost of having to replace your furniture.

The expensive price tag may seem daunting at first but will prove to be worth it. Adding up the costs in replacing and/or maintaining standard outdoor furniture will be more costly than purchasing a good quality teak piece. Investing in your teak furniture will save you time, energy and money and will ensure peace of mind that your furniture will stay beautiful forever.


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